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When you create a data mapping flow with any of the above formats, you supply Data Mapper with sample input or output files, from which metadata is inferred.At any point after having configured Data Mapper, you can use the Reload Metadata operation to extract metadata from that same sample file.You can think of refreshing as "update metadata for the requested item even if it already has some".

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With this method, Data Mapper attempts to infer the input or output metadata from the opposite side of the mapping, and to modify the input or output metadata (whichever you selected) to match the metadata on the opposite side.

For example, if you add, delete or modify fields to the input metadata, you can use this method to that Data Mapper automatically infer and insert matching fields in the output metadata.

To update metadata for a video, you first need to provide information to identify the video you want to update.

You use the You Tube-assigned video ID to uniquely identify the video.

You can think of updating as "check for new or changed content and get metadata for it if needed".

You should Update a library if you have: Refreshing a library or individual item causes the metadata for the item to be refreshed, even if it already has metadata.

Re-submit your metadata record with the updates included.

Be sure to supply the correct DOI in your submission to ensure we update the appropriate record.

This method allows you to recreate your input or output metadata by loading the metadata from a new input or output file, or by editing the input or output fields already loaded into Data Mapper.

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