danger of online dating - Grub updating

However, consider the situation where the Live Demo system you used to restore the MBR is using a different version of grub.

Let’s assume you have already carried out the steps in section 1.1.

Various possible next steps include: --- grub-mkconfig 2014-03-26 .649215458 -0700 grub-hackconfig 2014-03-26 .895892874 -0700 @@ -136,11 136,11 @@ fi # Device containing our userland. -GRUB_DEVICE="`$ --target=device /`" GRUB_DEVICE="`$ --target=device /x`" GRUB_DEVICE_UUID="`$ --device $ --target=fs_uuid 2 /dev/null`" || true # Device containing our /boot partition. -GRUB_DEVICE_BOOT="`$ --target=device /boot`" GRUB_DEVICE_BOOT="`$ --target=device /x/boot`" GRUB_DEVICE_BOOT_UUID="`$ --device $ --target=fs_uuid 2Now you really should be ready to shut own the Live Demo system, remove the DVD if any, and reboot in the normal way.

I originally installed grub on both my disks with the [email protected]:~# grub-install --no-floppy --modules="raid" /dev/[email protected]:~# grub-install --no-floppy --modules="raid" /dev/sdb I looked at the Arch Linux wiki again before I did the update and in the wiki grub2 should be installed the following waygrub-install --directory=/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc --target=i386-pc --boot-directory=/boot --recheck --debug /dev/sdaso I did that for both sda and sdb and completed without errors.

My partition still boots but now it complains about/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/is missing at boot?

The procedures in section 1.1 were meant to get the system functioning again as quickly as possible.

Now that the system is up and running, so that the time pressure is off, we can do some housekeeping: In ideal situations, the work described in this section doesn’t accomplish much, because it duplicates the work done in section 1.1 and section 1.3.

After that, we will learn how to recover from errors and mistakes. You can probably use it without any troubles, although there is a slight, remote yet possible chance of damage. Furthermore, whenever handling delicate tasks like the critical functions of the system, disk partitioning, boot sequence, imaging, etc, you should always be prepared for the worst. What's more, the contents and relevance of contents in this tutorial might yet change as GRUB 2 makes into the production, so stay tuned for anyupdates.

This is something you should consider before trying GRUB 2.

Some information may change over time, as features are added or removed and fixes introduced. In the last two and a half years, it alone has garnered some half a million views, proving to be quite popular and useful to computer users worldwide.

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