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What happens when three heroes, one cat-burglar and one cop get trapped together by a madman with special powers? I wanted to see if this cool plot could work with Batman, so let's find out. And regular nights in Gotham would probably be classed as madness anywhere else in the world, but to the people of the great city itself it was normality.

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Batman then picks up his cell phone and calls Superman, not knowing what Lois told Robin.

Batman tells Superman that Robin is on a date with Lois and Superman speeds over and threatens to use his heat vision to fuse Robin's testicles into one giant testicle.

Andrea Bonior told me that even if you’re not married or parenting, people stop being as close to their friends because, well, they’re literally not as close anymore.

“Proximity is what keeps your friendships going,” Bonior said.This would make it easier to deal with him whenever he escaped and it would hopefully not cost him another vehicle, Bruce was rather attached to his car and he didn't want to have to lose it in the line of duty like his last one.This bat-mobile was extremely durable and it had survived fires and ice and everything else that came with being property of the Batman.“The problem is the busier we get, the less we have proximity to people naturally.” She also referred to “the epidemic of busyness” that seems to hit cities like DC especially hard.“It’s almost viewed as unattractive to have all kinds of time available to hang out with your friends.” DC is a city known for its impermanence, and our social infrastructure seems to be built for loneliness, or at least intimacy with an expiration date. Okay, so this is a little idea that I've wanted to try for a while, I take no credit for the main plot since it's from a favourite story of mine called 'The Collector' by Pixie Girl13, it's a Danny Phantom fic if anyone is interested. cartoon portrayal of the Batman story is…well…maybe not the best but it's one of my all-time faves I decided to use it!

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