Who is lydia from big brother dating

Jessica Wright will jet out to the US in the next "couple of weeks" to launch her international career.

But, more importantly, does this mean Dom and Lydia are dating, or is it just part of the prank?

16 housemates from Big Brother have been housemates twice, in their own series and Big Brother Panto or Ultimate Big Brother.

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‘They’ve not approached me to go into the house, but to be honest the only thing I would do would be to go in and have a meal or something,’ he said.

‘But there’s no way we’d get married in there.’ ‘I wouldn’t want to meet the rest of the housemates and I don’t think it would be fair on Lydia to be honest, I’m not super famous, and she knows I’m not super famous, I walked away from the industry years ago.’ He added that while Lydia may have been perceived as desperate for fame, during her time in the house, that was not the case.

‘The way she’s being portrayed is that she’s fame hungry,’ Scott-Lee said, ‘Anybody who goes into the house is after fame but she’s been in the industry since she was 16 and she’s done so well.

No matter what industry you’re in you want to be successful.’ And he suggested that the show could be a ‘double-edged sword’ in that ‘sometimes people come out of the house and do really well like Jade Goody for example – but with others it can really affect them.

He jumped a frankly outragesouly impressive 18.98 metres, beating the 18.85 metre record. IN OTHER NEWS: TOWIE's Amber Turner admits to cheating on Jamie Reed with Dan Edgar.

The 26-year-old reality TV star sent her fans into a frenzy earlier this year when she announced she was turning her back on the ITVBe show - the programme that made her famous - after she struck up a…

We're not actually sure in any way at all that they're together, but Lydia posted a realllly cute selfie of them after Spencer won PUGGLES?!?!?!

Anyway, Spencer was crowned winner of the jump last night, beating Olympian Louis Smith and breaking the ' Jump' record set by Sid Owen.

collab earlier this month, Dom saying: "Lyd's in my new show, and she was really funny as well."I'm not just saying that.

Since the start of Big Brother in 2000 there have been a total of 253 civilian, ten Panto, eight teen, 12 Celebrity Hijack and 14 ultimate housemates; 120 men and 133 women.

So let's hope this latest (potential) one between Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews and TOWIE's Lydia Bright will have better luck than all of those.

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