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Earlier this month, Blake, 26, disclosed he has already recorded six songs for his upcoming album, out end of 2007. It’s all over the map.” Playing third wheel to Blake and his new babe?

There were no bids but you can still see the completed Ebay listing HERE .

Lewis Henry Morgan (November 21, 1818 – December 17, 1881) was a pioneering American anthropologist and social theorist who worked as a railroad lawyer.

“After Blake and I split up, I moved from Tennessee back to Oklahoma, but then Blake and Miranda moved back there to a neighboring town, and it just felt like Oklahoma wasn’t big enough for all of us.” Last year the Enquirer ran a story of Kaynette finally finding romance again in Cody Joe Sheck who is a world champion steer roper.

He set the steer roping world record last June and as of last year, according to the Enquirer, they shared her three-bedroom, two-bath house on 8 1/2 acres in KS. The woman on the left is listed as Kaynette Shelton…we can only ASSUME this is her by the caption.

Also interested in what leads to social change, he was a contemporary of the European social theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who were influenced by reading his work on social structure and material culture, the influence of technology on progress.

Morgan is the only American social theorist to be cited by such diverse scholars as Marx, Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud.

Last month Kaynette made the news again when her wedding dress was put up for auction on EBAY for 0.

The seller wasn’t Kaynette, but reportedly a friend.

He also joined a local group of aspiring musicians named M-Pact, and also played drums and wrote songs for the group.

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