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It also keeps you posted on the weather and time for wherever your partner is. 3.5/5 Rating, Free You're probably well aware that you need basic Skype to keep up with each other while you're apart, but did you know you can use the auxiliary Skype Qik app to send video messages even if you can't get find time to schedule a webcam date?

The simple app is a great way to share little moments even if you can't get on the same schedule. 4.5/5 Rating, Free (with in-app purchases)Send your partner loving care packages with ease using the handy Sesame app.

Watch2gether is similar to Rabbit in that you create your room, but it’s streaming and sharing capabilities are limited.

With Watch2gether, you create your room and then share the link with your significant other.

Instead we need a frankenapp, a special combination of the best offerings into a couple's app unique to us.

Avocado used to be one of the highest rated apps amongst couples, but if you see the recent reviews, users are not happy. I reached out to Avocado support but did not receive a response. While the app offers picture sharing and a chat section we wouldn't use, its calendar was the easiest out of all of the apps..some flaws: It doesn't sync with Google Calendar or i Cal.

The developers certainly know how to bring people together in a user-friendly way. After you register and download, you will be able to create your own room and set it to private. Once someone has been invited to the room, it stays active until you close it.

You and your significant other will be able to watch a movie or You Tube videos or whatever you like while still having the video chat option active.

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