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The primary technologies that are used to implement Universal Data Access are the low-level data access component architecture, called OLE DB, and the higher-level programming interface to OLE DB, Active X Data Objects (ADO).

can be used from any programming language that complies with the Component Object Model (COM), which for Office solution development includes Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), and Microsoft JScript, and may also include Microsoft Visual C and Microsoft Visual J if those languages are used to develop COM add-ins or Active X controls.

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This product enables all sorts of file exchanges between SAS and other PC-based applications, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SPSS, and more.

SAS/ACCESS to PC Files includes a component called the PC Files Server.

After clicking this button, Excel shows a new user interface element called a gallery, with a number of formatting choices for your table, see figure 3: Figure 3: Table format gallery. After clicking one of the formats, Excel will ask you what range of cells you want to convert to a table (see figure 4).

If your table contains a heading row, make sure the checkbox is checked. Figure 4: Dialog asking what range of cells has to be converted to a table.

The primary role of many Microsoft Office solutions is to turn raw data into usable information.

This can entail managing data from a broad variety of sources, including data stored in Office applications, such as Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel workbooks, or Microsoft Outlook folders, as well as in other sources, such as Microsoft SQL Server databases, HTML tables, d BASE files, Lotus spreadsheets, or tabular text files.to set these parameters; see Section 5.3, “Configuring a Connector/ODBC DSN on Windows” on how to do that, and see Table 5.1, “Connector/ODBC DSN Configuration Options” for information on the options and the fields and check boxes they corrrespond to on the graphical user interface of the The timeout in seconds for attempts to read from the server.Each attempt uses this timeout value and there are retries if necessary, so the total effective timeout value is three times the option value.In fact, Tables in Excel 2007 are the successor of Excel 2003's "List" feature, with added functionality.This article introduces you into the concepts of working with Tables in Excel 2013, 20 and shows you how they may help you in your everyday Excel use. Of course you already have some data available somewhere on your sheet.You can set the value so that a lost connection can be detected earlier than the TCP/IP rows at a time rather than the entire result set.

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