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Office of Governmental Accountability Freedom of Information Commission administers and enforces the provisions of the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOI Act) which was established in 1975.

The FOI Act ensures citizen access to the records and meetings of public agencies in the State of Connecticut.

60 to 90 days before your drivers license expiring, you will receive a letter from the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.

This letter is mailed to the address the Secretary of State has on file, and has all of the information necessary for you to renew your drivers license.

Subsequent name and/or address changes, during the original driver's license/permit/ID card term will require a renewal.

A renewal will extend the term of the driver's license/permit/ID card.

Flights haven't been affected yet and won't be until at least 2018, but Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says changes he announced Tuesday will move the state closer to compliance.

"The upgraded driver's license and ID card contain a variety of enhanced security features that take advantage of new developments in technology," White said in a statement.

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Those over the age of 75 are required to take a driving exam when they renew and those over 87 and older must renew their licenses every year.

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