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Companies from Rio Tinto to Starwood Hotels are using the video format to interview job candidates from entry-level to the top ranks.

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If you use a camera connected to your computer, your webcam safety could be compromised by hackers and “peeping Tom” spies.

Even legally installed webcams that monitor activity in locations like vacation resorts and workplaces are vulnerable to misuse.

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The Aberdeen Group, a market research firm, found 10% of companies used video as part of the hiring process in 2010, but saw that number jump to 42% for senior executives, management and entry level job functions, in its 2011 talent acquisition survey, out last month.

While many employers conduct "real-time" live video interviews, others opt for one-way, recorded sessions where software takes the place of the interviewer.

In this week’s issue, we explain how crooks gain control of or abuse webcam operations and what you can do to cut the dangers.

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