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Sombra leaked in October and again yesterday, but even if she hadn’t, the early stages of the ARG (which dates right back to July at least) gave away most of what we needed to know: she’s a hacker from Mexico, affiliated with Talon, and the 23rd hero of Overwatch.

Heck, the first mention of Sombra is on an in-game asset which was found before the Overwatch beta.

And because of this, Luhan became a ‘national darling’ known by all.

But also but because of this face, even as an adult, you can’t see much maturity in it, hence a lot of directors responded that with him playing in a romantic scene spoils the picture too much.

Part of the reason I’m taking so long is, of course, drawing images of all the new charges we’ve accepted since the Nineties; but I’m also redrawing many of the original images.

Partly because, in some cases, I never liked the original drawing and I can do it better now; and in some cases, because subsequent rulings have made my drawings, if not unacceptable, still not something I’d advocate folks use.

Many players hoped Sombra would be formally revealed when the meter topped out, but it just threw up another mysterious message, pointing to yet another website.

You can read more about these Overwatch shenanigans on PC Gamer, but the short version is: nothing happened.

Luhan was once a star who made others turn green with envy, but now he is only a washed out star who can only be jealous of others.

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