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In youth ministry we’ve begun to notice that two things occur as our youth programs become increasingly self-sustaining and disconnected: the adults in our congregation feel left out, uninformed and unappreciated, and the teenagers in our groups fail to become a part of the larger church family as God intends.

Having taken classes from Chap Clark while pursuing my M. at Fuller Theological Seminary, I decided to attend the learning lab on Sticky Faith, led by Fuller Youth Institute’s Kara Powell and Brad Griffin, at last year’s National Youth Workers Convention.

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On the appropriate night, you drive to a local venue, perhaps a coffee shop, pay the very reasonable fee (much cheaper than popcorn and a movie for two), and then tell the organizer your age range, which might be 20-29, 30-39, or 40 and up.

Each age range is awarded a specific time block in the evening in which to mingle with the opposite sex.

But before divulging the details of Operation Date, let me pause for a moment and explain how speed dating works for those who aren’t familiar with this style of relating.

Now, speed dating rules aren’t set in stone, so take what I am saying as a guide of what you might encounter if you are itching to try it.

Speed dating-ul este o formă organizată de matchmaking ce are un scop simplu și la obiect: face mai ușoară întâlnirea unor persoane cu alte persoane, în mod normal motivul principal fiind acela de căutare și eventual găsire a unui partener.

Fie el de viață sau de alte activități prietenești.As soon as I returned home I began to see this phenomenon of separation in our own church, and began to talk about it with our parents and adult leadership team.Together we agreed that an intergenerational approach to our youth ministry would be a win-win for everyone.Evenimentele de acest gen sunt nou introduse în țara noastră, iar cum nouă ne plac provocările, ne încumetăm la drum.Silver Church vă propune un concept de speed dating mult simplificat ca procedură și reguli, astfel încât clienții noștri să se bucure mai mult și mai rapid de rezultate.Suntem până la urmă un club și încercăm să facilităm prin tot ceea ce facem formarea de legături și relații inter-personale.

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