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Western monarchs also overwinter in Baja, California's central valley, and the Sierra Nevada foothills. If there is a hard frost in these areas they do not survive.

30 somethings, outdoor enthusiasts, cultural art lovers, foodies, etc.) or a general Shabbat Cluster.

NEW THIS SEASON: Themed Shabbat dinners, larger groups, Singles interest cluster, funding opportunties for meals and more!

Dolphin-watching tours are popular on the Sado Estuary, especially with a seafood feast at night. Why you need to go: Croatia’s coastal beauty isn’t so under wraps anymore, but some fear it’ll be gentrified when the country switches to the euro.

So now is the time to check out Istria, a cluster of ancient port towns on the northern peninsula.

Starting in September and October, eastern/northeastern populations migrate from southern Canada and the United States to overwintering sites in central Mexico where they arrive around November.

They start the return trip in March, arriving around July.

Why you need to go: Sofia’s diverse architecture, a spread of Ottoman mosques and communist monuments, is going to blow up your Instagram.

Downtown is compact, covered in Old-World markets and mineral water springs (there are seven, all free for public use) and evenings come alive with art bars and live music clubs.

Virginia Norfolk city County Criminal Background Check Description: A Norfolk city County Virginia Criminal Check covers the past 7 years and will return convictions or deferred judgments.

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