Propertygrid not updating

If you are compiling your code from the command line, use the /reference option and specify System. Regular) Private _toolbar Color As Color = System Colors.

How can I get the Property Grid to automatically refresh when the Collection Editor has been closed? It will automatically refresh the property grid when the collection form is closed.

I sought for a solution earlier where I should subclass Collection Editor (which I can't seem to find).

We updated to the newest dlls and are now noticing that when we change the Item the grid is bound to, the property grid does not refresh with the new values of selected item.

Toggling between Categorical and Alphabetical view modes does refresh the bindings in the grid though. Thanks, Hello, We are already aware of such an issue and it should be resolved with the latest internal build scheduled to be released later today.

Is there something missing in this scenario, or should I just accept it and call the Refresh method when I reset my object ?

Thanks The information displayed in the grid is a snapshot of the properties at the time the object is assigned. You might want to change how some properties are displayed, and even choose to not display some properties. Many visual aspects of the Property Grid are customizable. The following screen shot shows how it should look. App Settings class selected in the Property Grid You can modify some visual aspects of the Property Grid to fit your needs.Component Model" and now get an error saying "Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'New' accepts this number of arguments." at the same point.If I remove the that part it doesn't work correctly. I've had a look around and can't seem to find a solution (I'm probably not looking hard enough). I get an error at telling me "Type 'Editor' is not defined", so I Imported "System.

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