My demonoid ratio not updating onlinedatingsitesforsingles com

I posted to there forum, and someone replied stating: [quote]As I understand it, the tracker does't "ask" for anything regarding the ratio.It uses "event=stopped" sent from your client to the tracker.

my demonoid ratio not updating-35

My demonoid ratio not updating

I also beleive reading somewhere a while ago that their tracker only updated stats every 12hrs or so.

But, basically, I use the demonoid site/tracker, and it's not updating my ratio like it's supposed to.

I will also do my best to update any information as it changes.

To associate the current IP with your account Log out of your Demonoid account Clear your browser's cache & cookies Log in to Demonoid To check that Demonoid has your current IP, look in your profile.

I know many of you are not used to the terms used regarding some aspects of torrentsand all the computer lingo that many take for granted, so I will be as user friendlyas is possible to hopefully make things clear for you.

Some of the screen shots may seem a bit out-datedat the moment, I am working to correct them but they will serve the purpose intended for the time being.

I also tried using the force re-announce by right clicking every single torrent.

I went through and did a force reannounce on each of the torrents.

Whatever the problem may be, be sure to give it some time.

Sometimes it just takes time to connect to the right peers.

Anyone connected to you that is not a member of the site does not add statistics to your upload.

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