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In the mid-1960s, the Medvedchuks returned to the Ukrainian SSR, settling in Kornyn, Zhytomyr Oblast.In 1971, Medvedchuk graduated from high school in Borova, Fastiv Raion (Kyiv Oblast).

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At that time I was in the 20 cell of the “institution”, that’s why I consider it my civil and human duty to testify on the circumstances and causes of his death. First of all, what kind of shy name is this – «institution VS-389/36»? But too much information started to leak from those camps into “the big zone” (that's what they called the USSR back then) and abroad. Another big stage of Mordovia strict regime prisoners arrived to the Urals in the summer of 1976.

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Russia is the world's second largest producer of crude oil and also one of the world's top oil exporters.

In average it held no more than 30 prisoners at the same time. Thus, as in every political camp, the Ukrainians constituted most of its “contingent”.

This «institution» soon became known in the world as a «death camp», because 8 of its prisoners have died, including the members of Ukrainian Helsinki Group such as Oleksa Tykhyi (27.01. In this really “International” environment Lithuanians Balis Gayauskas and Viktoras Petkus, Estonians Enn Tarto and Mart Niklus, Latvian Gunar Astra, Armenians Azat Arshakyan and Ashot Navasardyan, Russians Yuriy Fedorov, Leonid Borodinh have spent many years.

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The Soviet Government was ashamed of certain terms, that’s why, for example, it called its opponents not political prisoners, but “public enemies”, “especially dangerous state criminals”, «wretched outcasts». Therefore the KGB has decided to destroy the information channels in a radical way: to move the most active political prisoners away from the center. During the day the prisoners were suffering in the hot “Stolypin” cars (that hot summer saw the burning of the forests and peat bogs). One 25-year old man, Grigoriy Nikityuk from Rivne region, has died in a car. Finally, shortly before the Moscow Olympiad, on the March 1, 1980, 32 prisoners of the special regime were transported to Kuchino from Sosnovka, Mordovia. The stage included the members of Ukrainian Helsinki Group, such as Levko Lukyanenko, Oleksa Tyhyi, Bogdan Rebryk, Danylo Shumuk.

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