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Cincinnati Bite Back It was always going to be a heated derby when FC Cincinnati hosted Louisville City FC. Last time they met, Cincinnati striker Djiby Fall was judged to have bitten Louisville’s Niall Mc Cabe, earning a stiff five-game league ban for his efforts.

Whether there was a bite or not is a matter for the USL disciplinary panel and there will be vigorous debate between Cincinnati and Louisville fans for as long as the clubs shall live.

If you need to purchase an i Pad, we recommend an i Pad Pro, i Pad, or i Pad Mini 4 with at least 32 GB of storage.

: If you currently own a fourth generation i Pad or newer, you do not need to purchase an i Pad.

Just beware that your son will have to carefully manage his storage and the i Pad may not last all four years.

Christos’ well-earned windfall It’s not about the money for Christos FC, everyone’s favorite underdogs and the lone part-timers left in the competition.

Take a look back at eight moments of note in the 13 games of the Third Round, where little Christos FC roared, dreams were dashed and dates with destiny – and MLS big boys – were won.

Lenexa drummer and philanthropist Billy Brimblecom says he’s put blood, sweat, and tears into trying to be an original musician. It sounds so smooth, but it’s like beds of harmonies.” The drummer has been in bands from Los Angeles to Nashville over the past 24 years: Stick, The Creature Comforts, The START, and Blackpool Lights.

“But seriously, one of the most fun and — dare I say — at least locally successful things I’ve done, is this.” He’s talking about his foray into “yacht rock” with the band Summer Breeze, which he and his wife Allison formed eight years ago to play cover songs by ’70s and ’80s bands like Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers, and Christopher Cross. But he might have earned the most local attention after losing a leg to Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2005.“I interpreted it as, ‘Oh, they don’t have faith in me, they don’t think I can come back.’ I was definitely motivated to prove to them, that, ‘Hey, you probably should’ve kept me.’” While her husband Adam had family in Seattle whom the couple had been counting on to help with their newborn, in Kansas City their closest family members would be 1,700 miles away. For the six-month long season, they would be forced to live “like a divorced household,”as she put it, taking turns spending time with their son.Before becoming pregnant, Rodriguez had intended to wait to start a family until she’d finished her professional career.And if they didn’t burn through it all at the bar celebrating, the dough will come in handy for these boys from Maryland – who all pay dues and fees to play while working day-jobs – when time comes to arrange travel for their Fourth Round date with the well-paid and top-notch pros of D. It looked like the talented amateurs from Boston had done enough, arms wrapped in the ropes to guard against the knockout blow, to force the ‘99 Open Cup champs into a shootout.But Sammy Edoung-Biye’s diving header in the 120th minute – the last act of the game – sent Omens out. And the Third Round of the competition, now in its 104th year, tossed up a good few of those between May 30 and 31.

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