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It has been a long time since the fashion world ceased to be exclusive to women.The female body, which was the representation of beauty and sensuality, has been losing ground to the male body.

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I consider myself really lucky to have grown up accepting myself for who I am: a gay man. What does it mean to be gay in our contemporary society?

And how does that affect our way of living as gay men?

Eventually I caught the attention of a few players and coaches.

As I became more of a "star," the other kids started talking to me more.

When you get in the shower, ever muscle hurts, the water stings like hell on those turf burns, and your only focus is getting off that damn pre-tape wrap that is stuck to your skin. I understand that this may be scary for the straight guys, and that’s OK.

Just getting clean, getting dry, and putting on deodorant are your only top priorities. What’s not OK is coming at the gay athletes from a negative place. Athletes are professionals that take their job very seriously, and the locker room is no different.

I loved my life there except for one not-so-small problem: Cedarville and the other surrounding areas are some of the most homophobic parts of the country.

Growing up I was inculcated with the belief that "gay" automatically meant "going to hell." Two years ago I told everyone I was against homosexuality, even hated gay people. I uttered hatefulness out of necessity to fit into the community, but I always felt like my words would come back to haunt me.

To any athlete afraid of having an openly gay teammate: Let’s first talk showers and football, since that seems to be a big concern for some players, especially in light of Michael Sam coming out.

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