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An insured person can check their entitlement to an old age pension by means of a simulator (in Hebrew).

By answering a number of questions, one can examine see whether they meet the conditions of entitlement and be entitled to the pension.

20 March 2016: Getting older usually brings with it plenty of life changes.

The Old Age Pension exists to ensure monthly income for Israel's elderly residents.

Israeli residents who have reached the age required for Old Age Pension eligibility and who were insured by National Insurance in accordance with the required conditions are eligible to receive an Old Age Pension.

The seniority increment is calculated according to the years of insurance contributions accumulated, as detailed below.

Are considered as a full insurance year, 12 months of insurance contributions, whether consecutive or not.

This increment is paid in cases in which there was no entitlement to an old age pension due to income from work (even if no claim was submitted) or if due to income from work, the insured person is only entitled to a small old age pension, and he or she waives receiving the small amount.

This portal contains information regarding the various benefits to which Old Age Pension recipients are eligible, as well as the additional benefits to which those receiving an Old Age Pension with income supplement are eligible.How you make your savings last as long as you do is a key question when considering retirement.Old age insurance is one of the most important branches of the National Insurance Institute’s social security system and is designed to ensure that residents of Israel receive a regular monthly income in their old age. Criteria for determining this include: Israel is your permanent place of residence, where your family resides, where your children go to school, your primary place of work, or where you are studying.Your qualifying age is based on your date of birth as shown in the table below. Generally, you can access your superannuation when you have reached age 65.If you are under 65, you can access your superannuation savings if you have retired from the workforce and reached 'preservation age'.‘Default retirement age’ (a forced retirement age of 65) no longer exists.

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