Damon salvatore and elena dating in real life dating without an annulment

For this list, we're only including official relationships rather than rumours or one-off flings, and only couples who met on a show where their characters also dated.

Because frankly there aren't enough pixels in the world to deal with the rest of them, the saucy things.

Earlier this week, Ian explained that Damon loves Bonnie, but felt obligated to be true to Elena.

Yet despite his good intentions, Damon can be easily swayed — after all, he once spent a century and a half promising to stay true to Katherine, but fell head over heels for Elena from the moment he laid eyes on her. But if Elena's not around, he might come to love Bonnie even more. You can't talk sense into Damon Salvatore," he said. He makes awful decisions based on his heart and his own selfishness. I wouldn't even waste time giving him advice because he wouldn't listen."This is pure speculation, but is Ian hinting that Damon will follow his heart, not his head?

Then, there’s the more likely possibility that they’ll stay together for a while, and then the writers will find a quick and easy way to break them up. It’s not going to be hard to come up with a reason to break up Elena and Damon, especially with Paul Wesley’s Stefan still clearly having feelings for Elena.

Death is unlikely since Elena and Damon are two of the three central characters on the show. That love triangle has always been central to the story, and fans of the show are pretty much split between the Damon/Elena camp and the Stefan/Elena camp. Will the writers let the real-life romantic troubles of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder affect their storylines?

His brain might want to stay faithful to Elena, who's asleep for as long as Bonnie is alive, but his heart could be captured by someone else...

(She announced her departure three months after Ian Somerhalder‘s engagement to Nikki Reed made headlines.) There are some that manage to power through, though, in the name of professionalism; professional to the point that they’re even willing to pretend to marry their ex on the small screen.

But if certain Bamon shippers get their way, his crazy chemistry with Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) could blossom into a relationship.

We're dying to know what will happen between those two.

So it's probably easier to fall for a fellow actor, as most normal Joes won't hack the whole "partner snogging someone but it's totally cool because we're acting" thing.

(Don't get us started on And so sometimes, not only will actors date fellow actors, but they'll date their on-screen partner.

After the first few episodes, Damon begins working alongside his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore Elena Gilbert, to resist greater threats and gradually Elena begins to consider him a friend.

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