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Earlier this year, a cyclone killed at least eight people and affected thousands of families.

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It affects relationships with friends and family and I miss out on a lot of memories.

But it's not a complaint, because once it's done, I'll sit on my couch and get old.

A 19-year-old Mozambican footballer has been killed by a crocodile as he was training near a river in the western province of Tete.

Estevao Alberto Gino played for Mozambique’s second division club Atletico Mineiro de Tete.

And now, less than a year after losing his primary sponsor, he's gone and pulled a Slater-esque move by winning the same contest almost a decade later. I actually should never have been in there, considering my experience at Maverick's, or even my experience with big waves. We surfed Maverick's like 30 times, 30 notches leading up to the contest -- all on the same board.

Surfline caught up with Twiggy in San Francisco, a week after his win at Mav's. But when I found out I got in, that's when I decided to give it a really good go. In bumpy conditions, south winds, whatever it was, and I think that just gave me the edge over everyone that wasn't doing that.

The incident occurred near the Zambezi river on Thursday (16 March).

“On that night, he was training and after jogging he stretched his hands into the water and that was when the crocodile caught him,” the club coach, Eduardo Carvalho, was quoted by AFP as saying.

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You have all your bills, but luckily I had made some money before that and had a house to rent out.

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