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I always opt for Carling over Cosmo’s, football over fashion and if I have to wear high heels they’re more likely to have come from Matalan than Manolo Blahnik.

However my recent dabbles with mobile dating app Tinder have seen me gain quite the understanding for the Sex And The City star.

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Ironically, I haven’t actually been on any dates since the ones I wrote about in my last blog. I’m quickly matched with a nice looking girl – let’s call her Potential Tinder Flame 2, for confidentiality purposes.

Conversation ensues and mere words into the exchange, Potential Tinder Flame 2 informs me that she is sure she recognises me from somewhere.

And we want people to realise that behind the highly publicised and politicised images are people, not just prostitutes.

Throughout this week sex worker organisations and their allies will be holding vigils to raise awareness, not just of crimes against us, but of the laws that aid these crimes.

Having nervously dipped my toe into the waters of date-blogging with my previous offering,‘Tinder Surprise’, I had always intended it to be a one-off. So sit back, relax and for god’s sake, delete Tinder NOW WHILST YOU HAVE THE CHANCE.

However, following my last submission, I foolishly trundled on with the dating app and a number of events ensued that, if left untold, frankly could be considered an insult to the literary world. Just to refresh, my initial Tinder experience was quite enjoyable and I encouraged readers to try their luck on this revolutionary dating app… Now let us continue on our metaphorical stroll through the forest of my dating despair. Following the swift snuffing out of Tinder Flame 1, I have decided to shake off the drama and get back in the game.“If they openly want to discuss homosexuality, I don’t think the classroom is the best way to do it.It’s something that we say if you have concerns about we have the drop-in clinic with the school nurse.” Another teacher told how she would use “some really horrible quotations” showing how some people referred to gays and lesbians , adding: “We look at them and we talk about why people might say things like that”.Perhaps we had gone to the same University or shared a mutual friend, I foolishly think to myself, failing to appreciate that Tinder works in far darker ways than to create such a predictable connection.It doesn’t take the two of us long to figure out why she knows my face.I saw a woman who in her life had been not just liked, but loved. Michaela's murder had a profound effect on me: it seemed clear to me that her death was the result of a policy that cares more for the appearance of propriety than for the welfare of sex workers. Sex workers talk about what we want, in terms of rights and treatment.

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