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Much has changed since the Vibromatic Heart Bed days of yore, but the bed remains a prime doin it spot.

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If you report bugs to the devloper forum or devloper chatango, we can fix the problems quite quckly. IF bug reports are POSTED HERE, devlopment staff will not see it until much later if at all. This is basically an add-on and/or replacement for the spreadsheet.

For the time being, the girl's data will be added here.

We've already told you how a Sim could be in the Top 7 game characters we (seriously) fell in love with, so let's show you how we can fall in with them, too...

How to get it on: When getting romantic with a partner, the bed of the Sim in control is the default location for Woo Hoo, as long as its a double bed.

Psychologically, people—and I believe this applies even more for gamers—strongly prefer avoiding losses than acquiring gains.

This is the wiki for the game Sim Brothel 2: Revival.

It also features story content previously only found in the International versions, and a new audio drama set a year after..

The Sims series has come a long way since the tame days of the first game in the series.

For one thing, its comfortable; for another, its also really convenient for that post-Woo Hoo nap.

Chrono Days Sim Date 4.41 Chrono Days Sim Date is a cute dating simulation online game for girls of all ages.

This is not the way things are, and neither is it the way things ought to be. If you're still here and want to develop for the game, or are just interested, read on by all means.

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